Microsoft Zune 1.8″ Green 4GB MP3 / MP4 Player

Green 4GB Zune, with originals art

Green 4GB Zune, with originals art

Wahoo!  I feel so cool, I just got a Zune!  Funny thing is, a lot of people asked me before-hand “why didn’t you get an Ipod… I’ve never heard of a Zune before” now many of those same people are saying things like “Jeez, I wish I would of known about the Zune when I got my Ipod.” Learn to do some product research people!  Besides I hate copycat products so there was no way I was getting an Ipod!  I mean seriously, just look at them they’re designed almost exactly alike, especially as far as looks go.  (And yes, the Zune was first, there are several beta product photos out that pre-date the Ipod by a long shot, before the Zune even had a rightful name).

Anyways, at a decent quality setting ripping my CD’s to my computer I’ve only been able to fit around 1,000 songs, both Charlie the Unicorn videos, and a few photos on my Zune, but that’s not so bad.  It’s only a 4gig one so I can’t say too much.  I was just kinda looking for something that I could listen to in the car when driving home from taking Rose to her house (no radio in car), and have a decent song collection when I am away from the computer (God forbid I should ever leave the computer!) the Zune has filled those tasks quite nicely!

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