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Server decisions

Posted by Cody Sortore
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22Dec 11

1and1 has just got a new load of servers online, and they finally broke away from AMD as their only supplier of servers (Bulldozer was such a letdown, and that’s coming from me, a hardcore AMD fanboy who really wants AMD to be competitive with Intel). Anyways, they’ve got their old AMD quad core servers for $80 a month right now… I’m really tempted to upgrade my server… If I knew for sure that Google was getting that gigabit fiber line here by 2013 I wouldn’t bother… I’d just use my quad core server here. With 23 sites all running heavy DB accesses my server is starting to slow down… With a little more RAM I could get some of my busier sites to run their sessions off of the RAM and ease up on the HDD’s. Of course when Google gets here my server here has 8 GB of RAM and a 16 GB flash drive for SWAP space and it’s running 4 hdd’s in RAID 5… so… there is really no comparison once I get set up at my house there won’t be an issue. Still need a GOOD UPS before I move to the house though.

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