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The passion of driving

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23Dec 11

I think TV’s in the back seats of cars will be the end of our society… And I’m only half joking when I say that. My generation grew up with walkmans and gameboys that parents would throw in the back seat to shut their kids up while driving. This has created a nation addicted to texting while driving, and all of them believe it’s perfectly acceptable, because they grew up with it (I was fortunate enough to be too poor for any of those things). Now we’ve got kids watching movies while they drive, and playing their PSP’s at the same time… How are kids going to learn to drive if they NEVER see their parents drive? I’m serious, A) good driving habits start early and B) ask any great race driver (Tanner Foust says it all the time, though his “greatness” might be in question, he’s also a rally car driver which is arguably the toughest form of racing because of the variance in locations and weather conditions) they will say that their passion for driving started as a toddler in the back seat of their moms mini-van (or whatever you drive).

This comes from the fact that Connor has been asking lately to watch Veggie Tales every time we get in the car to take mommy to work… Rose and I were seriously considering getting him a DVD player so he could watch ‘em to keep entertained… when I thought about it I thought back to an interview with Tanner Foust where a mom was asking how early should she get her child into racing and he said that it starts as a toddler in the back seat watching your parents drive. Then I thought about that big grin I see in the rear view mirror when I hit the round abouts by Zona Rosa at 45mph, tires squalling, and the giggle that comes when we straighten the car out.

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