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Fun Holiday Themed Eyeglasses

Posted by Cody Sortore
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30Dec 11

If you’re anything like my wife I’m sure that the littlest thing can mess up what you perceive your outfit should be. She is a little bit obsessive in my opinion, but she even wants her eyeglasses to be festive! Unfortunately for her we never had the money to get Holiday themed eyeglasses for her, much less for both of us! Well this year she approached me a few days before Christmas with a package that she said I was required to open there… I was a little shocked when a designer quality pair of holiday themed eyeglasses were within. I began to say “Honey we don’t have the money for these” when she butt in to let me know that they were very cheap eyeglasses, well not in quality, but the price left nothing to be wanting. You see she picked up our Holiday themed eyeglasses from Zenni Optical online. Zenni doesn’t carry any designer frames, in fact they don’t carry any off brand frames either. They only carry their own line of eyeglass frames, designer quality at direct from the manufacturer prices! I have a feeling that I’m getting a new pair of Holiday glasses for every Holiday this year!

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